We’ve got a winner

An interview with the man who came out on top in our Deck Design contest.

Where are you from and what do you do?
I live in Austin, Texas, which is a perfect base camp for my work as a touring musician and artist. Musically, I make electronic music with an acoustic guitar and a giant pedalboard; visually, I apply my training as a scientific illustrator to live painting at concerts and music festivals. My work is informed by an abiding interest in evolutionary biology, transpersonal psychology, science fiction, and a cosmic perspective in general…so more and more I’m taking up the role of a writer and speaker, and using my words as well to inform and inspire people as much as possible.

Why did you want to win this contest and get your own Creation Skateboard graphic?
Some of the other artists who have licensed art to Creation Skateboards are visionaries alongside whom I’ve worked at numerous festivals as a live painter, and whose studio work I deeply admire. People like Amanda Sage and Carey Thompson have inspired me not only as artists but as people, and I feel like under Chris Dyer’s artistic direction the company has managed to keep a strong focus on consciousness expansion, calling out people’s higher selves and encouraging them to contribute their hearts and souls to something greater. Love and light and the best of what we are as a species.

What is the artwork about?
The title of this painting is “Every Day Is A New Year.” I started it at Rootwire Festival back in August 2012 and worked on it up through my friends’ 12.12.12 party – you can read the whole story on my blog (part one & part two). The dragon looks a little like Terence McKenna, if you ask me – which wasn’t intentional, but it definitely works with the ideas of agony and ecstasy, hope and fear, buddhas and explosions that to me summed up my expectations for 2013 as the craziest year ever. Terence’s whole idea was the “novelty wave” – this notion that creativity is a kind of vital principle in the cosmos and that the universe is constantly ramping up into ever faster and more fluid states. Mythological fire is both creative and destructive, like the “black goo” in the film Prometheus. This is a year for both more light and darkness, but that dragon has a buddha riding in its brow, and that’s the Master we each have in us that knows how to abide and ride this out. We all have many voices in our heads, many neural subroutines, but we can develop the Master self-pattern that organizes and integrates the rest. That’s the best way to make it through an age of crazy transitions…

Will you skate your own board or just hang it on the wall?
I’m giving my board to my brother, John Garfield, who is a manny wizard and is gonna get picked up by the pros soon, I’m sure of it. Family win!

Any last words?
I publish new art and music and ideas every two weeks on my blog. Please subscribe and stay in touch: http://michaelgarfield.blogspot.com